EM-7.0 Gallon Mini Electric Hot Water Tank – Point of Use


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The Eccotemp EM-7.0 is a point of use Mini-Tank Water Heater with a tank capacity of 7 gallons and is designed to supply on-demand hot water to any faucet without the wait. It’s small, compact and lightweight design allows the Eccotemp EM-7.0 to be perfect for residential, commercial and industrial use and can supply hot water for two or more sinks or be plumbed in series with your existing hot water system to ensure instant hot water whenever you need it. Equipped with easy and accessible temperature controls and a minimal recovery time of 20 minutes, this Eccotemp Mini-Tank Water Heater is designed to operate at a maximum of 150 psi water pressure. Easy installation allows for the unit to be mounted on a wall or left free-standing and plugs into a standard 110/120v outlet.

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Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 18 in